This is Roamler

Who, what and where

Roamler manages crowds, matching the need of companies for efficiency, with people who perform on-demand tasks, anytime and everywhere.
This helps businesses increase flexibility and individuals access a wider range of opportunities, regardless of their availability, skills and location.

Today Roamler offers crowd-powered solutions throughout Europe, within field marketing and technical home installations, with the brands Roamler Retail and Roamler Tech.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company has offices in UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Turkey.


Roamler Culture

What we stand for

At Roamler "we make things happen", for our clients and within our organisation. We put employees’ wellbeing and development first, empowering everyone to make the difference with his unique skill-set and expertise. 

 In our non-hierarchical culture freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand. This means we always encourage initiative and proactivity, but we also ask our people to take full responsibility for their work. 

 We foster team growth as well as individual development, through a high-performance culture aimed at perfecting the way we deliver, market and manage our services, processes and people. 

 We cherish diversity not only in age and gender, but especially in culture, background and perspectives. 

We pursue a culture based on quality and efficiency, where resources and assets are optimised, never wasted.

We strive for a sustainable profitability, as it is the way to be and remain free to invest in our future.

Our principles

  • We go for sustainable growth by building profitable businesses.
  • We take responsibility instead of waiting for someone to give it to us.
  • Good news may travel slowly. Bad news must travel fast.
  • We deliver information to the ones who need it.
  • We treasure our clients and the Roamlers.
  • We are aware of the sensitivity of what we do and we do it with the utmost care.

Want to be Part of the Roamler Family?

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Electrical/ EV Installation Supervisor / Manager
Field management
  • South West, United Kingdom

Where to find us

United Kingdom

Roamler UK

Alpha Works at Alpha Tower,
Office 22.19
Suffolk Street,
B1 1TT